Montag, 30. August 2010

Todays thoughts

1. IRC bots simply wont work for me. I rage.

2. Found tons of old friends in facebook. I dont rage.

3. I ran out of money. I rage alot.

Facebook is weird though. I got added by some people I dont know. Doesnt make sense.
Why would they click on "Adds as friend" when they dont know me.. welp...

Sonntag, 29. August 2010


I decided to cover my whole interests in this blog, so I have to put in some headlines.
Super idea if you ask me but lets see where it goes.

Musical Bla

Today I discovered JAMAICA through JUSTICE recommending them for me. Thanks bros. Lately JAMAICA released their debut album called "No Problem".
My first impression was "sounds kind of mainstreamish". This suddenly got vanquished by the building pressure the album had. Even the intro has much force behind it and this sure has relistening potential.
I highly recommend listening while driving or gaming.

Rating: 8/10

Gaming Bla

So now that Guild Wars 2 is releasing more and more info I got my ass back into Guild Wars 1 again. And boy what a fest. ArenaNET added a ingame update called War In Kryta earlier. I just thought it was about a PvP act and for the costumes but I was wrong. A whole new story arc with incredible items to get and a storyline to GW2? Good lord I gotta be grinding again. Not only for the promised boni in GW2 but for the sake of HAVING THIS WEAPONS IN GW1 too.

Also I might consider replaying Zanzarah - The Hidden Portal again with a few bros and battle with our catched PokemFAIRIES, I MEAN FAIRIES D:

Cooking Bla

I've been cooking alot the past days (due to my job of course) and suddenly I've been asked to bake a cake. Here went a problem in me. I never did a cake b4 and I only had 1h time to finish it.
Good thing I found an old recipe for an applecake and thus made that. Little downfall: The recipe contained cinnamon and my chefcook hates cinnamon. Today I went in the kitchen and asked if any cake was left over. Surprisingly the guests ate it like they were starving alot and enjoyed it. To my joy I got hands on one of the last pieces and ate it. BOY for my first cake ever it was neato but I took too much cinnamon D:


Boring day, school tomorrow again, dont wanna cook there, whatever.
Peace, out!

Beginners Leap

I am trying to figure out now what kind of blog I want to start. Basicly it should be about what I can do the best.
So it shall be about cooking, making music or creating pieces of art. Or gaming.

Since there are TONS of cooking and gaming blogs I am stuck with my music and my art.

So lets try something here.
My music can be found here: http://www.last.fm/music/bacon'n'egg/Best+of?setlang=en
Some pieces of my art can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/darghebook/

So, what should I post about D:

Testan stuff

Today, after registering on facebook, I decided to join here aswell.
Lets see where it goes :D