Samstag, 4. September 2010

Weeks summarize

I have been very busy so I have quite a bunch to tell.

First off, being in school again is bullocks. Too much retards, too much untalented teachers. Atleast the content of the classes is interesting enough to keep you awake.
The shittiest part now was to write a whole book about my work. You gotta know, as apprentice in Germany you have to write a short report everyday about your work (about 3 or 4 lines). The deal is, I didnt do this for a whole year.
Now my chef came and said "I need that book tomorrow or you get no tip this month"
SO: I went and wrote this book in one day, one motherfucking day, 4000 words, 6 hours D:
AND ON TOP: When I was finished, he knocked and said "lol you are too late"

So no tip and a flexed hand D:

Now to gaming.
I went back to play an old game called Zanzarah to battle a bro later. Basically its like Pokemon only with fairies instead of fluff-balls.
ALSO: I got my hands on Recettear. Played the demo and HOLY FUCK is it hard. Failed 3 times already, didnt win once.

Hurp thats for today.