Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

End of a longlasting time

I just finished an everlasting long block of school.

The only thing I really cared about was the lessons about meat and cuts of meat.
The rest was kind of unneeded, maybe later for my exam but for now.. oh boy.. how uninteresting.

Its really good to take a break from those "teachers". Stupid fucks. All of em. My English teacher cant even speak English properly.. watfuk

Now, what happens: I have 2 weeks of work. Hard work. No other apprentice in the kitchen other then me. Then only experienced cooks. So no dicking around.
BUT heads up. After those 2 weeks I got 1 week vacation. After that one week, workan for 2 more weeks and then 4 weeks vacation due to seasonal closure :D

so much free time. wat do?