Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Wow goddamn.. I even said its over

Wow what a delay.. in my last post I literally told that my hiatus is over but shit... alot of stuff happened

Aside from that.. I guess I keep you updated..
I put tons of videos on my youtube account.. Mostly Lets Plays and one YTPMV and some music games.. I think its pretty entertaining.. but I am not to judge. Look for yourself http://www.youtube.com/user/darghe

Also I tweaked my homepage a bit.. I know its not centered and some background is missing but its like a beta-ish version of the new homepage.. which is just a stalker device for stalking me :D Click http://www.darghe.com

Also for musical facts. I got in contact with my most favourite artist "Utabi". He lives in Japan and for me, its THE  electronical artist ever. Search him in youtube.. his music just adds up to his awesomeness. I might even be doing a gig with him in October or something :D

Thats it for now. I am out :D


  1. Subscribed to your youtube and I'm liking the new page!

  2. nice youtube page, i'll sub to you. i really enjoy lets plays.

  3. Diggin' the page. Thanks for sharing, will sub. later!

  4. Cool place! I love the new background. looks fresh. :b

  5. Cool, I may devote a few hours to your videos later.

  6. doing a great job on here, its a very nice blog and i will deffinatly follow!! thankss

  7. nice update! good to hear brother!

  8. All I must say about your youtube acc is wtf japan...